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Tree Surgery Services

We provide the complete tree management service in Kent and East Sussex:

  • Tree and hedge planting including advice on what to plant, where and when.
  • Crown reduction when trees have become too large for their surrounding environment. This reduces the overall height and the size throughout the crown to maintain a balanced shape. This can control the size and allow more light in to a garden.
  • Raising the canopy to prevent obstruction of lower branches.
  • Pollarding which is the removal of all branches from the trunk of the tree. This allows the regrowth of branches and often prevents the need to have a tree completely removed.
  • Felling when for one reason or another a tree has to be completely removed this can be done either piece by piece when space is limited or by felling in one section where space or obstructions are not an issue.
  • Deadwood removal involves the safe removal of deadwood from a tree to make it safe.
  • Stump grinding where a tree has been felled and there is a need to remove the stump to below ground level.
  • 24 hour callout service during bad weather when trees are dangerous and/or causing obstructions
  • Aerial tree inspections for insurance or mortgage purposes or for commercial building assessments.

Hedge Cutting Services

Our extensive hedge cutting services range from careful trimming of ornate box hedges to entire field boundary hedges. We top and tame Conifers and have a range of modern equipment from hand held hedge cutters to a tractor mounted flail. We are very proud of our rate of hedge cutting work that is repeat business each year. We can get your hedges looking just right and clear up properly afterwards.

Fencing Contractor Services and Fence Repairs To Wind damaged fences

Our fencing contractor service include the supply and professional fitting of all types of fencing. We are on hand at all times to give advice when choosing the type of fencing you would like.

Some of the types are as follows:

Matching gates can be supplied and erected and there are a variety of finishing touches and extras that can be used to really compliment the fence, for example trellis work, counter rail and capping or decorative posts.

All our materials are sourced locally where possible.

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